Orta Asia Aragatnashyk


Local or wide area, your network is the key to the efficient and productive sharing of information, voice and video within your organisation, whether you need to link multiple sites or terminals at a single location.

The enterprise networking market is highly complex. Orta Aziya Aragatnashyk can help you determine which technology is flexible enough to allow your network to keep pace with your business requirements, whether this involves supporting, upgrading or re-engineering your current capabilities or the design and implementation of a customised solution.

We also specialise in structured cabling which allows you to integrate data, voice and video onto one cabling system. This infrastructure is the core of your business and essential to any company.

There are many different standards for copper cables to consider, which offer varying degrees of performance and cost. All of the cabling systems we install meet the Industry Standards and our experience installing cabling give us the knowledge to recommend the system which best suits your own cost and performance requirements.

Orta  Aziya Aragatnashyk provide  the  following  services  in  Turkmenistan:

  • Supply of communications,  VSAT  and  IT  equipment(PBX,  LAN,  WAN,  radio  links, CCTV, Video Conferencing  and  ect)
  • ICT  support (PBX  support,  LAN,  WAN  configuration  and  support,  radio  links, CCTV, Video Conferencing  and  ect)
  • ITC equipment  installation  and  maintenance
  • VSAT support  and  maintenance